iMediaNY 5200mAh Power Bank Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speake,r Black/Silver


$49.95 $70.00

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iMediaNY 5200mAh Power Bank Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker,  Black/Silver

Portable Wireless 5200m Ah Power Bank Bluetooth Speaker For iPhone,  Samsung, Tablet, etc.  This portable wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with plenty of extras including the capacity of a double-power bank battery. Compatible with the iPhone and iPod,  plus Samsung,  Motorola,  and other cell phones the 5200m Ah power triples your usage time. You also get a slot for your micro SD memory card filled with your choice of music.

The Bluetooth speakers have a built-in microphone so you use on the go.

Features: Hand-free use of phone while driving. Choice of next or previous song, Increase or lower volume using Bluetooth or your micro SD card. Hands-free talking with built-in microphone.

This product ships Free contiguous U. S.