"Words....Just Words .... That Describes Life..."

"My lady, My lover, My Friend", we, us, our, share, love, care, darling, dearest one, heart's desire, together, happy ,happiness, remember, remembering, "dearest of all darlings", pleasant, surprise, savor, me, you, together, now, forever, "if loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right", our love, my dream, "thank you ... for loving me", "now and forever", the joy, excitement, I'm excited, thrilled, romantic, nighttime, daytime, all times, for all times, heart felt, heart's throb, be mine, cherished memories, I, believe, "love of my life", trust, friendship, compromise, marriage, incredibly fortunate, more each day, falling in love, partnership, married, "luckiest man alive", change, couple, "one plus one equals one", "my lady, my lover, my friend" , kind, gentle lover, patient friend, "loving to be loved", my little one, our children, "wow" you've grown, "more beautiful, less pretty.... just words ....

                                      "Where There Is Love, There Is Life"


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